Who is the champ? If you want to win, you must decide who

Who is the champ? If you want to win, you must decide who />

The warriors took Kevin Durant out of the open market this summer, but that's not to say that Durant's arrival will be all right, and the warriors will win the championship next year without any tension. In fact, it is only the first, and then the warriors must face a lot of problems, and you need a solution, and the first question is which player is the boss of the warrior?

Before the arrival of Durant, the library is the champion of warriors, two successive regular season MVP winners Jeancoury confident, even more qualified to play the teamchef. But from the extensive performance of both sides of the offense, Greene is the core of the tactical, mainly on the offensive side, Green's tactical position is very important, unable to take the ball, the more important role is in his ability to coordinate, and the scope of the attack is very broad, allowing him a very wide range of attacks and passing of space.

But with the strong joining Durant, now the form of warriors have changed, if not effectively adjust the number of big four ball division between the problem, it is likely backfire, let the four giant composition of the Combat Force greatly reduced!

In the first moment the Durant joined the warriors, whether it is Durant himself or the library, Glintonpson all said Durant in the team without any problems, he does not need to make any changes, the team each player can make a sacrifice, the goal is to win the ball. Thompson even expressed his willingness to emulate Gino as a substitute